about shannon

I know that this is where I am supposed to type a super professional essay on why I do what I do. But to keep it real, I am here to say...I am a 5' 0" tall feisty redhead on a self/body love mission who has a passion for lifting others up. I'm addicted to iced coffee, documentaries & empowering others. I am an eating disorder survivor on a journey that so many others are on...Breaking down barriers and taking up space. I love to shoot boudoir because it allows my clients (and myself) to be ridiculously authentic. Boudoir isn't just about sexy photos. It tells a story. It is healing. I live for helping others see themselves from a different perspective. Let's face it...that is powerful sh*t!! I am known for my sense of humor and my ability to make anyone feel comfortable in their skin. That comes in pretty handy for shooting boudoir ;) Your session is tailored to you. I would LOVE to know your "why" & give you a day dedicated to feeling fierce & liberated.

Check out my portfolio and if ya like what ya see...let's connect!

A few things worth knowing about me:

-I am not your typical flat rate, shoot & burn photographer. You and I...we will make art together! Art you can cherish for a lifetime. Art that will allow you to see yourself in a way that you never have. It's an investment in yourself! We take our time and this is a day dedicated to YOU! 


-ALL bodies/sexualities are welcome here. I am inclusive and celebrating diversity and marginalized bodies is SO important to me. I received my certfication as an Advocate for Body Diversity from Teri Hofford and I believe every body is worthy of being photographed!


-I am also a nurse (who just quit my job to do this full time) 


-People say that they are immediately comfortable around me (this is very helpful for boudoir!..I have literally seen ALL of the bodies as a nurse so if you are worried about this, don't be!)


-I LOVE to laugh and make other laugh


-During your session you will likely see my silly, clumsy side. I get VERY excited when I get a shot that I think is amazing aaaand I am not shy about it ;)

-Lifting others up, especially women is my passion & calling. We celebrate women's bodies & their freedoms in the studio and it is so so so powerful!